We believe that nothing should be compromised when comes to building a quality product. That is why at Field and Portal mining supplies we double stitch our products across a wide range of trades mining tool bags, backpacks and FIFO duffel bags.

Tried & Tested

The adjustable padded shoulder strap webbing used on our product range of tool bags is manufactured from industrial flat high tenacity polyester fabric, generally used for elevated work applications for personal safety and fall arrest protection harnesses, used in Australia and around the world.

This material has been tried and tested, it is lightweight and has been chosen due to it's broad and flat load bearing surface that is user friendly to hands, shoulders and back. It provides a better flat surface to lift your tool bag onto your shoulders and reduces the risk of hand, shoulder and back injury.

Going The Extra Mile

Field and Portal work closely with our customers to find out what their requirements are, so that we can develop and design a quality product to meet their standards and requirements.

World renowned products, Field and Portal supply to major companies in the mining, oil and gas industries across Australia, Europe and now Canada.

We have listened to our clients feedback and included recommendations in our new designs. Our manufacturing tradesmen take particular attention to detail, going the extra mile in developing products for our customers. They know what is required when it comes to producing quality products.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING We ship to many destinations worldwide